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Employee Benefit Services

Employee Benefit programs have become an increasingly costly component of an employer's operations. The financial management and integration of these plans have been further complicated by the evolution of managed care, the realignment of the provider and hospital industry and the endless stream of state and federal legislation including the Affordable Care Act (“Health Care Reform”). We work diligently to assist our clients in navigating these changes and balancing the increasing demands on their financial resources with the needs of their employees.

Insurance Services

The confiscatory nature of our tax laws, the desire to ensure the financial security of our loved ones and the need to insure complex business arrangements present engaging challenges to business people and professionals alike. For these and other reasons, insurance products have evolved as flexible and creative tools and solutions. Whether to accumulate and transfer wealth, defer compensation, fund business agreements, amplify pension benefits or mitigate the risks associated with estate tax liabilities, we use our expertise and experience to satisfy the unique needs of each client.

Wealth Preservation

As our clients progress through various life stages, they are confronted with many issues and questions surrounding all the elements of what we call “Wealth Preservation”. These elements include, but are not limited to Estate & Legacy Strategies, Retirement Planning, Social Security Planning, Health Care, Long Term Care and Medicare Planning. Our goal is to provide answers to their questions and help guide them in their decision making. Along the way, we work to ensure their understanding of specific concepts as well as insurance and annuity products which may prove valuable as they plan for and enter each new phase of their lives.